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We are all horse trainers.  Whether you are new to horses or an experienced horse person, you  influence your horse's body and mind every time you handle or ride him.  I believe that it is our responsiblity to strive to have an influence that is beneficial. 

That's not always easy.  We are two different species trying to come together.  Many of the problems we experience with our horses (on the ground and under saddle) are conflicts in communication or understanding.   Sometimes they are a sign of an underlying problem that has yet to be discovered.  

A genuine horse-human relationship takes time, effort, patience, and knowledge.  There is a lot of information out there and many paths to follow - it's a journey that can have many different outcomes.  I'd like to travel with you along the path that creates a calm, confident, and capable horse.  I'd like to teach you how to work with your horse, never against him.  I'd like to help you develop respect, build trust, and understand true partnership.   

I am a student of the horse who wants to learn all I can about behavior, training, biomechanics, and more.  I love sharing what I have learned with with others who want the best for their horse and want to have a safe and rewarding experience. 


Thank you for visiting.

Dale Rudin


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