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When it comes to horse training, the only thing that really matters is how the horse feels about it.  Science tells us that a happy and comfortable horse learns, performs, and behaves better than a horse that is uncomfortable or anxious.  This is proven fact, yet many training methods continue to use force and intimidation to achieve results. 


At Unnatural Horsemanship we stay away from methods that rely on "submission" and "control."  Instead we build confidence, develop balance, and promote relaxation.  We optimize behavior and performance and resolve issues by improving physical and emotional well-being.  We use clear communication, encouragement, and positive reinforcement to help horses learn.  We respect their nature as a species and as an individual, and we provide them with the tools they need to thrive. 


We also offer ways for people to gain the knowledge and understanding they need to have a safe, rewarding, and remarkable experience with horses through lessons, workshops, and clinics. 

We look foward to helping in any way we can.  Thank you for joining us today and for the opportunity to be part of your equine journey.  


Dale Rudin


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