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Science and common sense tells us that a happy and comfortable horse learns, performs, and behaves better than a horse that is uncomfortable or anxious.  Even though this is a proven fact,  many training methods use force and intimidation to achieve results.   Additionally, many horse owners don't recognize when their horse is in emotional or physical distress.


That's why a large part of Unnatural Horsemanship's focus is on educating the horse owner and future owner.  We offer educational opportunities for people such as instruction, workshops, and clinics that provide the knowledge and understanding they need to have a safe, rewarding, and remarkable experience with the horses they cherish.  The better you can be for your horse, the better he can be for you. 

We also offer behavior and performance training for your horse.  We solve behavior and performance problems and help your horse reach his (or her) full potential by restoring balance to his body and mind.  We balance the body with exercises that improve strength, symmetry, and develop proper carriage at liberty and with the rider.   We balance the mind with compassionate communication, positive reinforcement, and respect to your horse's true nature and individuality throughout the training process.  Our methods benefit equines of every breed in all disciplines.


Our passion and purpose is to help you and your horse in any way we can.   We look forward to speaking with you and appreciate the opportunity to be part of your equine journey.  




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