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We are all horse trainers.  We have a huge influence on our horse's bodies and minds!  Every time we handle or ride our horses we are teaching them something that could be beneficial or harmful.   

We are also two very different species trying to come together - a lot can go wrong!  But, it doesn't have to.  Many of the problems we face with our horses (on the ground and under saddle) can be solved or avoided altogether by improving our understanding of the animal we work with and our ability to communicate with him.

Too often horse training is a one-sided process.  A horse is told, begged, or forced to do what we want with little regard for his impression on the matter.  This approach limits the potential of the horse and the development of a genuine horse-human partnership.  By paying attention to what the horse is telling us, we gain valuable information that we can use to help him perform better, improve his behavior, and become a more willing partner. 

Unnatural Horsemanship┬« provides the tools each horse and human need to work together as a safe and successful team.     

Over 30 years as a trainer, instructor, competitor, student, and author have given me a unique perspective on horse training, horsemanship, and the way humans and horses interact.  I want to share my knowledge with you and help you and your horse have an enjoyable and rewarding experience. 


Thank you for visiting.

Dale Rudin