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Unnatural Horsemanship is an ethical approach to horse training based on the science of learning, behavior, management, and biomechanics.   All that we do revolves around the comfort and well-being of the horse.   We measure success by his happiness and willingess to learn, perform, and engage with us.   What we don't want is physical and/or emotional conflict or imbalance.  Our goal is to create fluidity and ease during riding, training, and handling. 

We are uniquely qualified to help resolve behavior problems and performance issues.  We acheive success by balancing your horse's mind with compassionate communication, positive reinforcement, and respecting his (or her) true nature and individuality.   Then we restore natural balance to his body by improving strength, symmetry, and carriage on the ground and under saddle. 

We offer private riding and horsemanship instruction in addition to nutrition/management consulting, saddle fitting and assessment, and behavior/function and pre-purchase evaluations.  We also invite you to join us for our workshops and clinics.  We are here to help you have the safest, more rewarding, and remarkable experience with your horse. 


Please contact us for more information.  We look forward to speaking with you and appreciate the opportunity to be part of your equine journey.  




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