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Unnatural Horsemanship is a whole-horse approach to horse training.  Science and common sense tells us that a happy and comfortable horse learns, performs, and behaves far better than a horse that is physicall or emotionally imbalanced.  That's why all aspects of horse husbandry are an intergral part of the Unnatural Horsemanship program.   Hoof care, nutrition, tack selection are just a few areas of consideration as help your horse become the best he can possibly be. 

We offer behavior and performance training and resolve behavior and performance problems by restoring balance to your horse's body and mind.  We balance the body with exercises that improve strength, symmetry, and develop proper carriage at liberty and with the rider.   We balance the mind with compassionate communication, positive reinforcement, and by respecting your horse's true nature and individuality throughout the training process. 

Unnatural Horsemanship allso offers educational opportunites such as private instruction, nutrition/management consultations, tack/saddle fit assessment, behavior/performance evaluations, workshops, and clinics so that you can have safest, more rewarding, and remarkable experience possible with your beloved equine companion. 


Our passion and purpose is to help you and your horse in any way we can.   Please contact us for more information.  We look forward to speaking with you and appreciate the opportunity to be part of your equine journey.  




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