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Is Your Horse Okay?

October 21st  10am-5pm

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Your horses frolic in the field, eat well, and offer no complaints when you saddle up and ride, but that is no guarantee that they are free of pain and discomfort.  Horses are excellent and coping and compensating.  Of course when they start saying "NO"

you know things have gotten really bad! 

Unaddressed issues get worse over time... 

It's essential for every horse owner to have a solid understanding of what healthy movement, carriage, and function should look like, feel like, and more importantly to

recognize when something isn't right.  

Horses suffer in silence...

I encounter serious behavior issues and performance problems

(fighting the bit, spooking, running off, rough gaits, refusal to pick up a lead, head tossing, reluctance to turn, high energy levels, laziness)  every day that

are the result of unrecognized pain and discomfort.  That why I use this simple

yet comprehensive evaluation system to assess every horse I work with and will

teach you at this clinic. 

Each horse that attends will receive a full emotional and physical evaluation.  Each owner and spectator will learn how to assess each horse as well as interpret the results. 

We will investigate commonly areas of unbalance and discomfort such as:

Behavior, Musculature, Carriage, Hooves, Teeth, and Movement

Be an enlightened horse-owner who knows how his or her horse feels!

    Evaluations will be conducted on the ground and under saddle. 

Riding is not mandatory.


We will provide beverages, light snacks, and serve a fabulous lunch.

Please let us know if you have dietary restrictions. 


Participant with Horse - $120

                    Spectator - $70          

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Balance and Connection Under Saddle 

Clinic - November 11th 9 am - 4 pm

Hopping onto the back of a powerful and majestic animal strongly motivated by prey instincts is an undeniable passion for many.  Riding in balance and understanding what your horse needs to be connected and focused on you is vital for your safety.

It's also important to ensure your mount's experience is free from discomfort and strife.  Your horse's emotional and physical well-being, how he's asked to use his body and how he feels while ridden, will define the success or failure of your ride. 

When the horse is emotionally relaxed and confident, his body has been methodically and progressively conditioned, he has been properly prepared for each task he's asked to perform, he can carry a rider with ease and express his true nature and beauty with naturally balanced carriage and fluid flowing gaits.

It is magical...

When horse and rider experience true connection and harmonious movement.  This level of connection and profound experience is available to all riders.  It can and should be done without gimmicks, fear, or force.  Our horses are eager to work with us to become the magnificent creature they were born to be. 

Join us at this clinic to learn how to
share this experience with your horse. 

We provide beverages, snacks, and a fabulous lunch!

$70 per spectator
$120 per horse/human team

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Equine Learning and Behavior
Workshop - November 25th 1 pm - 4:30 pm

Dominance, submission, alpha horse, aggression, herd hierarchy, bad attitude, poor work ethic, dull, stubborn, lazy are an example of terms used by the horse community at large.  Many of these terms simplify a much more complicated situation.  These traditional and popular concepts are are also highly inaccurate. 

There is a growing drive in the scientific community to dispel these myths and rumors.  At this workshop we will discuss the latest evidence-based information behind horse behavior and how horse's really learn. 

Improve your relationship with your horse!

Handling and training your horse using conventional methods can actually cause the behavioral problems you are trying to prevent.   

Knowing how horses really learn and the true meaning behind equine behavior
is a valuable tool that will serve you for years to come and will be much
appreciated by your four-legged friend. 

 This is a classroom-style event and will be held indoors. 
We will provide beverages and light snacks.

$60 per person

Workshops are classroom-style learning events.  Horse owners, future owners,

and enthusiasts are welcome!  You do not need a horse or experience to attend, only a

passion for horses and desire to learn.

Clinics provide opportunities to participate and learn with your horse. 
  You are also always welcome and encouraged to participate without a horse.

All clinic and workshop participants must sign a liabiity and model release. 

Workshops will be held mostly indoors or in a sheltered space during inclement weather. 

Clinics will be held mostly outdoors.

Please wear boots and appropriate attire to all events.   All riders must wear helmets. 

All clinics/workshops are 50% off for 4-H members.

Please contact Dale directly to register.

No refunds.  Cancellation deadline is 48 hours before event to receive a credit for a future event.