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Events are held at:

Lyric Valley Ranch

5427 Gaskill Branch Rd 

Santa Fe, TN 38482

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Clinics and Workshops

Our workshops and clinics will empower YOU, your horse's owner and caregiver, to make informed decisions based on the latest scientific research and Dale's years of experience as a trainer, behaviorist, instructor, owner, and student of the horse.


Upcoming Events

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Equine Biomechanics

June 24th 10am - 5pm

Don't just ride!  Help your horse THRIVE!

Horses are designed to use and move their bodies in a specific way that is natural

to them. We can enhance this inherently beautiful carriage and movement, but we can also hinder our horse's ability to move comfortably and cause serious problems.

Exercising your horse on the ground and under saddle in a biomechanically sound way promotes physical health, emotional well-being, and longevity. It also improves his quality of life and increases his ability to perform at his best.  Learn how biomechanics can resolve and prevent behavior and performance issues and enhance your relationship with your horse.


We will serve a wonderful lunch, beverages, and snacks at this event.

Participants - $95                            Participants with Horse - $140

Or contact us to register and pay by check.

Workshops are classroom-style learning events.  Horse owners, future owners,

and enthusiasts are welcome!  You do not need a horse or experience to attend, only a

passion for horses and desire to learn.

Clinics provide opportunities to participate and learn with your horse. 
  You are also always welcome and encouraged to participate without a horse.

All clinic and workshop participants must sign a liabiity and model release. 

Workshops will be held mostly indoors or in a sheltered space during inclement weather. 

Clinics will be held mostly outdoors.

Please wear boots and appropriate attire to all events.   Riders must wear helmets. 

All clinics/workshops are 50% off for 4-H members.

Please contact Dale directly to register.

No refunds.  Cancellation deadline is 48 hours before event to receive a credit for a future event.

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