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  Horse Training

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When your horse arrives at our farm, Lyric Valley Ranch we will settle him or her into a healthy environment with 24/7 access to food, 24/7 turnout, and friends.  We will ask you to provide information about your horse's health and history.  Then we will give him a thorough physical and psychological evaluation.  With this information we will customize your horse's nutrition, management, and training program.


Your horse becomes more comfortable, confident, and capable as we condition his body and balance his mind.  Using exercises that improve strength, symmetry, and relaxation, we help your horse develop proper carriage at liberty and/or with a rider.   Our goal is to achieve results while reducing strain, increasing longevity, and creating emotional stability.   We train using positive reinforcement and follow the principles of sound equine biomechanics.  Our methods are compassionate, force-free, and respect your horse's equine nature and individuality.  

Our program benefits horses of every breed, age, and discipline.   We offer physical/emotional rehabilitation, behavior solutions, training for health, and event-specific training/conditioning for competition.

While your horse is at Lyric Valley Ranch:

  • You will receive daily progress reports
  • Your horse is fed a custom ration twice daily
  • You receive a weekly riding or horsemanship lesson
  • Your horse receives a minimum of 4 training sessions per week
  • You are invited and encouraged to observe scheduled training sesssions
  • We limit the number of equine students so each receives personalized attention
  • Natural barefoot hoof care, body work, and dental balancing services are available

 Contact Dale to discuss your horse's individual needs.