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October 5, 2017

Being Aware of Your State of Mind is Good Horsemanship

Your interaction with your horse begins before you slip the halter on her face. It begins as you're heading toward the barn, or maybe when you lost your car keys, had a fight with your spouse, or got stuck in traffic. Who you are when you walk into your horse's paddock or stall can set the tone for the experience both of you will have. If you're distracted, upset, or short on time you'll have a very different interaction than you will if you're present, relaxed, and mindful of your horses needs instead of your own - the state of mind I highly recommend. Sometimes we just can't get ourselves into a ''happy'' place. That's life, but let's not impose our crap on our horse. Let's not choose the day we lost or job or got dumped by our significant other to start working on those elusive tempe changes.  Of course, let's not take our anger, fear, or frustration out on our horses either.  However, some horse's coats are highly absorbable and their heats incredibly sensitive when you need a good cry.  If you find that you're not in a great place during your time spent with your horse, choose an activity to share that will be calming and successful for both of you - a grooming session, an easy walk on a quiet trail or in the ring, or lope lazy rythmic circles. Success builds positive experiences. If we only had positive experiences with our horses, the troubled times would be few and far between. So think about who you are and what you're bringing to the table next time you approach your horse, halter in hand. Own your problems and be there for your horse. The best way to get what you want from your relationship with your horse is to give her what she needs.

September 29, 2017

From the Horse's Mouth

Dentistry is one of those "hidden" issues that causes our horses a multitude of problems. We often misconstrue their dental-related behaviors as "bad" when the truth is they are in pain. A misaligned jaw or impeded range of motion affects the entire body. You know what it feels like when you have a headache or a sore tooth. You can not function comfortably or normally. I find dental imbalances and pain in many of the horses I evaluate for behavior and performance issues. This article does a good job of explaining the various problems a horse in poor dental condition can experience. Contact me if you're interested in having your horse evaluated or need a recommendation for a fabulous equine dentist.   Not everyone who works on horse's teeth as the same training and understanding of the needs of the horse.  Even if you've had your horse's teeth floated, he can still have issues.   Natural Balance Dentistry is a better option that can do wonders for your horse's comfort and overall well-being.  I have personally seen remarkable results and would never return to traditional equine denstistry for my horses.   Here's a great article about the issues poor dental health can cause your horse: