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Horsemanship and Riding Lessons

Are you a horse trainer?  YES!  Every time you handle and ride your horse, you are influencing your relationship with him, how interacts with the world, and how uses his body.  Learn how to make each moment you are together a safe, beneficial, and fullfilling experience for both of you. 

Topics Include:                                 

  • Horse and Handler Safety
  • The Importance of Relaxation
  • Horse and Rider Biomechanics 
  • Understanding Equine Behavior
  • Compassionate and Effective Communication
  • Building Confidence on the Ground and Under Saddle
  • Developing Balance, Rhythm, Self Carriage, and Natural Gaits
  • Partnership and Performance Development and Troubleshooting

Enhance your skills as a rider/handler and enrich the life of your horse!  Learn more about horsemanship.  Improve your technique in the Dressage (or Western Dressage) court, in the Reining pen, on the course, on the rail, negotiating obstacles, or on trail.  Help your gaited horse gait and perform better too!


  • Private Lessons with Owner's Horse - $60/hr  (Please add the cost of a 30-60 minute horse/equipment evaluation to your first lesson)
  • Semi-Private and Group Lessons - $45/hr per student
  • Private Lesson with lesson horse provided - $75/hr

Lessons may be subject to a travel fee.

                         We welcome haul-in students at Lyric Valley Ranch in Sante Fe, TN

Contact Dale for more information and to schedule your lesson. 

Or call 949-337-3269

Enjoy this excerpt from a lesson where the

student and her gaited horse work on improving

their lateral balance:

I proudly advertise as a top horseback riding lesson instructor in the Franklin,

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