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 Meet Dale Rudin

I am a Certified Horsemanship Association certified Western and English Riding Instructor and the CHA Representative for the state of Tennessee.  I write about horse training, horse care, and horse behavior in Horse Illustrated magazine and on  I am also a founding member of ForceFreeTN, an animal welfare advocacy organization that promotes ethical training practices. 

I have seen horses trained in every way imaginable and worked with horses that have been through God-knows-what.  It's my early experiences with training that motivated me to become a to figure out how to acheive results with the least amout of stress or discomfort to the horse. 

As a teenager I competed on my horse, Weasel.  I had him with one trainer, and then another.  The forceful, yet typical for the day, methods of both trainers left him sullen and despondent. Seeing my horse being the least bit unhappy broke my heart.  During my lessons I was learning was how to punish my horse for doing the "wrong" thing, when he had no clue what was "right."  I'm the type of person who needs to know the "why" and "how" of things.  If couldn't figure it out, how could he?  It made no sense to me or him.

I really wanted to make it easier for him to do what I wanted.  So, I set off on my own to figure out how help my horse do the things I wanted him to do in a way that made him enjoy the work instead of dread it. 

Three years later, I had a happy and cooperative horse.  His personality completely changed.  He was bright-eyed and engaged.  He became a sweet confident puppy dog that could handle anything with enthusiasm and grace.  On the performance side, he was smoother, more responsive, and reached his potential has an athlete.  He even surpassed his own natural abilities.  He became unbeatable in the show ring, a star on the trail, and my very close and dear friend.  We had an amazing relationship because we were working together as a team. 

During the time I was retraining Weasel, I learned the importance of balance, strength, suppleness, confidence, respect, relaxation, and connection.  It was that knowledge and understanding that helped me turn Weasel  into a completely different animal.    


If I can help you have a better experience with your horse please let me know.