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The Best Saddle Pad

A horse will only behave and perform at his best when he feels good.   That's why I use an Equipedic saddle pad on every horse I ride.  It is the best saddle pad I've ever used, and I have tried plenty.  It protects your horse's back from the pressure of the saddle and weight of a rider and allows his back to function with comfort as nature intended.


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 Equipedic pad features:

  • Reduced Pressure from Saddle and Rider
  • Improved Muscle Health and Circulation
  • Anti-Bacterial/Anti-Fungal
  • Regulate Temperature
  • Machine Washable
  • Breathable
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I use Equipedic pads on horses with healthy backs to provide comfort and prevent injury.  I also use them horses with chronic back problems with remarkable results.  Over time, they alllow damaged muscles to recover and regain strength.   Back pain is a huge contributor to behavior and performance problems, not to mention your horse's discomfort.


If your saddle isn't a perfect fit (contact me for saddle fitting help if you're not sure) this pad is an absolute must.  It will reduce painful pressure points and improve muscle function.  Even if your saddle fits perfectly, an Equipedic pad will ensure his comfort and health.